You've Been Labeled

Are you limited by that phrase, “You Have…”? Have you looked up the percentage of people “cured”? Do you have this “answer” so now you feel like you know how the rest of your life is going to be? Or you have this “answer” so now you know the path to treat it?

YOU HAVE BEEN LABELED. You have been put into a category. You have been thrown into a massive group where everyone is the same, and not individually thought about.


YOU ARE NOT THE SAME. Your “DIAGNOSIS” is not the same as someone else's “DIAGNOSIS” with the same name.

So instead, if for example, all you knew is that your body is cold on the inside and has a buildup of fluid, would that change your outlook? Does that feel more manageable? Does that feel like something you can overcome rather than the daunting label?

Have you been labeled? Do you feel like it limits you or does it empower you?