A Basic Congee Recipe

Throughout the week for breakfast, we eat congee. Have you heard of it before? It was written about almost 2,000 years ago! Congee is usually made with rice, although it can also be cooked with other grains, including barley, millet, or spelt.

Congees come in many varieties and are served as a breakfast, snack, late dinner, or side dish. In China, a simple rice congee is commonly served for breakfast. Because it is easy to digest, congee is a particularly good vehicle for delivering nutrients, especially to people who are weak or frail. If you are recovering from the stomach flu or other illness, congee offers an easy-to-digest dish that can help increase energy. BUT, you don’t have to eat it only when you are “sick."


This simple rice porridge is easily digested and assimilated, it builds Blood (red fluid inside the blood vessels that provides nutrition for the body) and Qi energy (inner energy level), harmonizes digestion (rice itself strengthens the spleen-pancreas digestive center), relieves inflammation or irritation, internally cools, and is very nourishing because the ample amount of water and lengthy cooking time better joins the ingredients for digestion.

It’s the easiest breakfast you’ll ever know! We combine all the ingredients into a crockpot and cook on low all night. It is said that the longer congee cooks, the more “powerful” it becomes. When we wake up, it’s ready to go!



  • ⅓ c. organic brown rice (organic white rice can also be used)

  • *5 c. water (stock is sometimes used instead of water for a heartier flavor + additional health benefits)

  • 3 pinches of sea salt


  1. Place all ingredients in a pot. (a crockpot works perfectly!)

  2. Cook in a covered pot four to six hours on the lowest flame/setting possible.

*Note: You can adjust the amount of water to your preference—add more for a soup or less for a thicker, more porridge-like consistency.

Be Wise,

Anne & Steve