5 Ways to Use Your Intuition to Heal


1. When your body hurts, ask it why

Our bodies are constantly trying to communicate with us, and often times it uses pain to get our attention that something is out of balance and needs to be addressed. The more we ignore the pain, the more severe our pain can get because our body does not want to be ignored. If you’re noticing pain stop and ask, “body, what are you trying to communicate through this pain?” Or, “body, how did you create this pain?” Our bodies have the answer, and you’ll soon realize that it’s often tied to something you have been thinking about our even worrying about a lot lately. 

2. Find root cause experiences that caused your symptoms

What happened to you in your childhood? Almost everything we are today is the result of beliefs and patterns falsely created in childhood that we have forgotten. An event happened (trauma or drama), and from that event, our minds created a story of what we “learned”, “believed”, or decided was “true” because of this event. These thought patterns and beliefs play over an over throughout the years and if not worked through or healed can become physical symptoms in our body. In order to heal physical symptoms, you can use your intuition to find the root cause experience, reinterpret it, and heal.  

3. Ask your body when it would like to eat and what it would like to eat

Are you eating because you are actually hungry and your body is ready to digest more nutrients, or because the time indicates that it’s “breakfast”, “lunch”, or “dinner”? Does your body actually want to eat a full lunch or do you just believe that you need three full meals a day because you were told that is appropriate or healthy? You can ask your body if it would like to digest food right now, and/or what it would like to digest. You might be surprised that you don’t need to eat as much or as often as you thought was necessary. 

4. Have a conversation with your body to know what it needs and wants to do

Would you enjoy being bossed around every minute of every day without ever having a choice or being asked your opinion? I bet not. Well, neither do our bodies. They want what’s best for us, but many of us don’t know how to properly communicate. Does it actually want to stay up for an extra half an hour watching Netflix or would it prefer to go to bed? Does it want some self-love or support? Our bodies know exactly what it needs and wants, all you have to do is ask, listen–and most importantly–deliver. 

5. Understand and calm your stress and feelings of anxiety

By using your intuition to become aware of what you are thinking and feeling you can vastly decrease stress and anxiety, which are mostly symptoms of something that happened from your past (see number 2) or a form of communication to alert you that something is imbalanced and needs to be addressed (see number 1).

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