Does this sound like you?

Traditional healthcare has left you feeling discouraged and frustrated.

You want to address the root cause of your health problem versus just masking the symptoms.

You want to use natural healing methods rather than medications, procedures, and surgeries.

You're in the right place.

At Eastwise, we help mainstream medical skeptics discover how Chinese medicine is their answer to improved health.

individuals fed up with conventional medicine people

frustrated with health care, frustrated by the medical corporate machine industry, discarded by corporate medicine. cast offs neglected

We help people discover an alternative approach to addressing health concerns through Chinese medicine.

struggle, the corporate medicine resistance (opposition) (dissatisfied) (disgruntled)

those who search for alternatives

Western medicine outcasts, castoffs, rejects



Treating Colds and Flu Naturally with Everyday Foods: The Complete Guide According to Chinese Medicine

An 83 page comprehensive guide on treating colds and flu from a Chinese medicine approach.


5 Natural Remedies Rooted in Eastern Food Therapy

A collection of five natural remedies rooted in Eastern medicine to treat the common cold, diarrhea, hiccups, poor circulation, and summer fever.