Hi, I'm Anne.

I used to be insecure, fearful, anxious, emotionally-sensitive, and have constant negative thought loops; all of these things held power over me. They affected my work, creativity, relationships, and my health—which showed up as frequent urination, poor digestion, adult cystic acne, and physical pain.

When I began working with a business coach, she helped me start to uncover some harmful beliefs I had created about myself from earlier experiences throughout my life and to see how they continued to show up again and again, like they were part of a software program my body was operating on. The awareness was powerful, but I was having a hard time moving past the control these beliefs seemed to have over me—my brain desperately wanted to move on, but deep within, something kept holding me back.

It was during this time that a friend/holistic psychologist introduced me to several energy healing resources. I experienced such a huge emotional release when implementing these techniques that I knew I was on the right path. Suddenly, I was operating differently; things that were hard for me before now felt easy. I was more confident in my body and in my work, I felt creatively renewed, and physically I never felt better. All of this allowed me to feel like I was back in control of my life.

I spent a year healing myself—and, honestly, I’m still uncovering things to work on. By taking a magnifying glass to my physical, emotional, and mental challenges that kept coming up over and over, eventually (sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly) each challenge began to resolve. I started healing things that I didn’t know were “healable”, and it was then that I knew that I wanted to help others do the same.