Hi, I'm Anne—your intuitive, transformational healing coach.

I help you uncover what your body is trying to communicate and teach you how to heal yourself.


Do any of these sound familiar?


You are looking for an answer to a health challenge but haven’t found it yet.

You often dwell on negative thoughts and emotions.

Physical pain is a constant part of your life.

You compare yourself to others a lot.

Life feels like it’s out to get you at times.

Fear of judgment and criticism hold you back.

You feel limited by your body.

Money is a barrier to the things you dream of.

You are ready to make a change, but don’t exactly know how.


We all have physical, emotional, and energetic challenges, but we don’t always know where to look for the answer. Typically, we look outwards—that medicine, that supplement, that workout. But what if I told you the answers are inside of yourself?

Your body already has the answers to true healing. You have the key! Now you just have to know how to find it.

That’s where I come in.

I have created a program rooted in energy healing, to help guide you to those answers and teach you how to find them for yourself so that you can live a more positive, healthy, and abundant life.

When you change your energy, you change your life.

After working with Anne, I feel much more equipped to handle my emotions. I can better identify specifically what I’m feeling and why. It was a big revelation to tune into the parts of my emotional life I was resisting and to evaluate the underlying causes. I have become MUCH more in tune with what my body and intuition are saying, and it now feels safer to listen than to resist. Having some tools to help me manage my emotions has also provided another level of freedom in my professional life. I feel less blocked, more focused, and more in tune with my creative energy.
— Jenn G, Professional Photographer
The most significant effect I have noticed through this program with Anne is a feeling of release, lightness, and calmness. This is especially amazing because previous to working with her, I didn’t realize that I even had a general feeling of heaviness. But, truly, after experiencing energy clearing, a relaxed feeling overcomes me, and the physical reactions that my body goes thru during the sessions are remarkable. I am more peaceful with things in general.
— Helen M, Retired Office Administrator
I came to Anne for help with both my physical and emotional challenges. Negative thinking and overwhelm were weighing me down, and I felt a constant state of anxiety. Tension had an unrelenting hold on my body. I was feeling creatively drained, unmotivated, and on edge. In my first session with Anne, she made me feel comfortable and taken care of straight away. She provided a safe space for healing, free from judgment. Throughout our sessions, Anne helped me identify and release emotions that were trapped inside my body through a beautiful and transformative process that felt tailored exactly to me. Because of this work, I feel lighter, at ease, and positive. The anxiety that was always stirring under the surface is gone, and I know how to clear it if it does show up. Situations that would have triggered me before don’t have an effect on me anymore. I have been more motivated, energized, and creative than I have ever been. And more importantly, this process taught me to love and accept myself, which has increased my confidence, deepened existing relationships, opened up new relationships, and made me feel at ease in my own body. Anne’s work is truly life-changing. I can honestly say that I am a different person after working with her. I feel whole, with a new sense of connection to myself. Thank you so much, Anne, for guiding me through this process—I feel free!
— Steve T, Coach